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Artist name: Tora
Real name: Amano Shinji
Nick name: None
Part: Guitar
Age: 26
Birthday: 17. September 1980
Blood type: O
Height: 182cm
Weight: 70kg
Foot size: 27.5cm
Hobby: Skateboarding and reading BMX

Color: White, Black
Brand: GUCCI(Past), ADIO(Current)
Music: KoRn
Manga: Kyo Kara Ore Wa
Drink: Oolong Tea
Karaoke song: Shiina Ringo and Boowy
Phrase: Mendokusai! (means: annoying)

Pets: A Cat
Perfume: Burberry(Past), his own composition(Current)
My Boom: Authority's apparent lack of power
First musical instrument he learned to play: Bass guitar
Childhood hero: None
Sports engaged in: None
Greatest influence: Dimebag Darell
Strongest point: Secret
Weakest point: Secret
Something he'll never give up: The time to sleep.
Something he currently likes: Nagasu Koriki
Past bands: Karasu, arakune, Givuss (with Shou)

Fun Facts:
Cried in Alice in Wonderland live Shibya-AX in 31.8.2005
His name Tora means Tiger
I have never seen him smiling in the ends of a live
He almost never writes in his diary
Adds English words to songs.
He’s the biggest KoЯn fan
He’s the one how got the idea to put the backwards R in Alice in WondeЯland (he got the idea from KoЯn)
He bought a guitar just for recording
He has a heartagram tattoo on his right forefinger, he got it in October (I think)
Uses glasses
He’s the strongest band member
He dyed his hair blood once (SHOCKING)
Plays the piano (for example in ‘FANTASY’)
1 hole on the right side of his lips, 1 hole on the middle of his lips(Past)
Calls himself “The lonely wolf”
He's 1/4 American as his grandmother or grandfather is an American.

Credits to HERE

Note: This details are not from me so if there's any mistake here, please don't blame me about it. =X