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Artist name: Saga
Real name: Sakamoto Takashi
Nick name: Saga-sama (teasing name) and Daikon-san
(means: Radish-san, Shou made it up)
Part: Bass, backup vocals
Age: 25
Birthday: 24. June 1982
Blood type: AB
Height: 175cm
Weight: 55kg
Foot size: 27cm
Hobby: Walking with his Dog

Color: White, black, red, silver, purple
Brand: NCYHAIT, abx,(Past)
Lounge Lizard, Dior Homme, LAD MUSICIAN, PUERTA DEL SOL(Current)
Music: UNDERWORLD, downy, NUMBER GIRL, a combination of hot and floathy -feeling music
Manga: Doraemon
Drink: Water
Karaoke song: Shiina Ringo and Boowy
Phrase: Okusan! (means: a wife. Someone's wife. O_o; ? )

Pets: A dog, Chiko (means: fries)
Perfume: DOLCE&GABBANA(Past), BVLGARI black(Current)
My Boom: Clothes(Past), Wine(Current)
First musical instrument he learned to play: Guitar
Childhood hero: His own father
Sports engaged in: Baseball
Greatest influence: None
Strongest point: Patience
Weakest point: Change
Something he'll never give up: Things he's proud of
Something he currently likes: Clothes
Past bands: Vall'na racill, Visage, Delta Ark

Fun Facts:
He thinks he knows more about Gundam than Nao does
Nao and saga are very good friends
He says that Nao looks like a Pooh Bear when he sleeps.
Kissed Hiroto and Shou in Alice in Wonderland live Shibya-AX in 31.8.2005
Never speaks loud enough in interviews
Hates to be called Saga-SAMA
When they finished their first full album “Zekkeishoku”, Saga took a guitar and started to sing "Heeeeey, We finished, the aaaaaaaaalbum."
Writes various songs
Sing with Shou in the song Q.
‘‘Slept together with Nao’’
Plays with a 5 stringed bass at times
Uses glasses
3 Holes on the right ear, one hole on the right side of his lip
Keeps claming that he has a dead body in his room
He's a fcuking hot bass licker.

Credits to HERE
Note This details are not from me so if there's any mistake here, please don't blame me about it. =X