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Artist name: Nao
Real name: Murai Naoyuki
Nick name: Otakkii, Winnie the Pooh, Devil Nao, Pooh San
Part: Drums
Age: 27
Birthday: 31. July 1980
Blood type: A
Height: 170cm
Weight: 55kg
Foot size: 26cm
Hobby: Hikikomori (Social Withdrawal)(Past),
PSP and Nintendo DS, to explore(Current)

Color: Pink
Music: Orutana/Alternative/Jazz/Soul
Manga: 3X3 Eyes
Drink: Coffee= Starbuck's caramel macchiato
Karaoke song: He doesn't sing
Phrase: Wakaru! (means: I understand, I know)(Past), hungry- (´┏_┓`)(Current)

Pets: None. If you ask me.
Perfume: BVLGARI black, BVLGARI blue
My Boom: His Buddy System
First musical instrument he learned to play: Bass. Still know how to play it!
Childhood hero: Ultraman
Sports engaged in: Baseball, Soccer
Greatest influence: "There are many"
Strongest point: His strongest point is the weakest point
Weakest point: His weakest point is the strongest point
Something he'll never give up: Hikikomori (is spending time alone, social withdrawal)
Something he currently likes: O-anikei (means: Older brother)
Past bands: Fatima, RusH

Fun Facts:
Got left behind two times (In a tourwhen they were just making a stop on the gas station)
He always need to use the bathroom in the wrong time, like before interviews.
Writes into his diary mostly about food.
Tumbled in Hello Dear Numbers Live
Doesn’t sing when the band is going out to sing in to a karaoke bar.
Was the lead singer in a band when he was in High school.
Loves Gundam
His “icon” -> (´┏_┓`)
Loves to tease his band mates
‘‘Slept together with Saga’’
Uses glasses
Hates fish
Has a action figure of him
Feels safe behind the drums
Had a fake dragon tattoo on his neck (Kowloon -Nine Heads Rodeo Show-)
Played the bass in his former band Rush

Credits to HERE

Note: This details are not from me so if there's any mistake here, please don't blame me about it. =X